About AmazeVR


AmazeVR is an immersive technologies company creating Amaze Immersive Concerts, a full-service virtual concert solution. Through Amaze Immersive Concerts, fans come face-to-face with their favorite artists in a virtual performance through integrating the artist’s performance in 8K+ stereoscopic live-action video into surreal environments that transcend reality. We're providing an end-to-end solution with our proprietary technologies and know-how — from custom-built cameras and hardware, to in-house production/post-production teams, to our VFX pipeline and social interactivity features built in Unreal Engine.
As we vertically integrate distribution channels, artists will reach and monetize a broad audience with AmazeVR through ticketed Amaze Immersive Concerts touring across the world through movie theaters and the Amaze Immersive Tour Bus complying with COVID-19 safety measures.
Online distribution via the Amaze platform app as well as social media platforms.
Founded by the co-founder and early executives of Kakao, a $32B market cap mobile platform company, AmazeVR has offices in Los Angeles (HQ) and Seoul.
West Hollywood, CA Headquarters
Seoul, South Korea Office
For its industry-leading technology and multiple revenue stream-spanning business model, AmazeVR has raised $15.8MM in funding to date.
We've been able to turn a few heads with our experiences, but don't let us tell you about it...
“VR also represents the next big opportunity for artists to deliver something totally new.”
“VR is the future, and AmazeVR has developed elegant technology that enables users to create and share interactive content very easily.”
“AmazeVR has shown a deep commitment to the very best VR content, and by doing so, it raises the standard for what VR can be.”
“AmazeVR’s platform gives organizers a way to gently ease people back into something resembling the live concert experience while offering others the opportunity to experience a fan-only performance.”
We’re collaborating with the best in the business to build a full ecosystem for Amaze Immersive Concerts, spanning across the top music management companies and labels, global theatrical exhibitors, telecom companies, and more.
2021 is gearing up to be a spectacular year for AmazeVR as we’re building out our teams and preparing to share Amaze Immersive Concerts with the world.